Dock Bumpers

  • To match your application needs, Carolina Industrial Systems gives you a choice between two varieties of bumper blocks: laminated and molded.
  • Bumper blocks help protect against structural damage to buildings and docks caused by trucks.
  • They will help cut maintenance costs and expensive repairs.





Portable Dock Plates

  • Dock Plates bridge the gap between the truck and the dock, allowing for the safe loading of trucks.
  • Made of strong but lightweight aluminum or heavy duty steel for the heaviest loads.
  • Capacities range from 6,000 to 40,000 pounds.






Yard Ramps

  • When you do not have a truck high dock or have more trucks to load than available docks, a yard ramp can be used to load trucks from ground level.
  • Yard ramps are portable and can be towed with a fork lift.
  • A hydraulic pump makes adjusting the height of the yard ramp easy.




Strip Doors

  • Strip Doors, often called Strip Curtains, are the most economical solution to managing your workplace environment.
  • Strip doors protect employees and goods from adverse environmental conditions, and make employees comfortable and efficient. PVC strip doors provide environmental separation from wind, weather, noise, dust, fumes, odor, insects and other elements.
  • Whether it is your loading dock or warehouse, or in your cold storage distribution facility, strip doors are guaranteed to slash your energy expenses and create a safer environment.